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   The iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign is now officially a piece of national history. Clark County officials on Thursday [5/21/09] announced that the sign has gained listing on the National Register of Historic Places, to fit with the county's centennial celebration this year.

   County Commission Chairman Rory Reid says the 50-year-old sign at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip is an important symbol, as well as the backdrop for untold thousands of tourist photographs. The National Park Service designation became official on May 1.
   The sign cost $4,000 in 1959 and was designed by Betty Whitehead Willis of Western Neon. It was erected after a group of Strip hotel owners asked Clark County for a sign welcoming visitors to Las Vegas.

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Get a BETTER room when you check-in!

We didn't learn about this site until AFTER FoMaB IV.
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The Monorail -- Ride it!

From 'mono' meaning 'one' and 'rail' meaning...'rail.'
An easy way to travel up and down the Strip. [It's safe and convenient!]

The Deuce

A fun and inexpensive way to travel the Strip!
[FoMaB traveled on the 'short Deuce.']

YODA Speak

Learn to speak like FoMaB's inspirational leader, Jedi Warrior YODA.
[Convention Key Note Speaker 7/11/06.] "Learn to speak, you will." Yesssss.

Burger Bar at Mandalay Place

Great burgers. Great company. Try the Sweet Potato Fries!

Ellis Island Casino

Located behind Bally's, this small casino is really a Super 8. They brew their own beer and have an INCREDIBLE MENU. Check the bottom of page 3 for “Baby Backs and Brew.”

Earl of Sandwich

This yummy but inexpensive restaurant is now open at the south-side of Planet Hollywood. BE SURE to stop there for a meal [or two] when you are in Vegas!

Nevada's MegaJackpots!

Do you have a favorite progressive slot machine?
You can view the current totals and the last time the jackpot was won.

Cheapo Vegas.

See what Casino Boy has to say about where you want to gamble and stay.

Cathay House Chinese Restaurant

All-day dim sum restaurant. Yum! FoMaB visited there in 2007.

America Restaurant [in New York New York]

Another great place to eat! This link shows the menu.

Battista's Hole in the Wall Restaurant.

This is where the wedding party had the rehearsal dinner 14 years ago!

A BUNCH of Vegas Web Cams!

Hey, check out the whole city on these cams!

Click here to see the wedding party from 14 years ago!

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FoMaB at SMASHCar Weekend! VERY HOT!

Las Vegas Show Guide.

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How Vegas got its name! [and Assorted Las Vegas Facts]

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Historical Site

Learn about the history of the Strip!

Eat Cheap But Good in Vegas.

Some [interesting!] restaurant reviews from

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